RE: virus: Translation

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:46:03 -0500

symbolic information streams can share references,
as well. There are no references in naturally-
occurring information. (Robin)

This doesn't sound right to me. It would seem that a river-bed is a
reference to the water which flowed through the area...that this reference
also applies to the make-up of the terrain. The river-bed would be a
symbolic interpretation of the water and the terrain. I can also imagine
that RNA strands which are interpreted into DNA strands are referenced by a
symbolic stream.

On what grounds do you make your assertion above?

Also, if the definition for that which can be compressed and uncompressed
without loss of information now refers to "patterned" instead of "pattern"*
what is your new definition of "pattern"?

*"But this terminology is inherently misleading, because "patterned", ie
non-random, means more than one instance -- a random stream can itself be
considered a single instance of a pattern, but it's not compressable, is not
patterned." (from Faichnay)


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