RE: virus: Crave that speed!

Gifford, Nate F (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:01:00 -0400


Don't you think materialism can be an addiction, and a bad
one? Can
you name ten great artists or writers or inventors that don't do
didn't at some point abuse drugs? (alclhol is a drug by the way)


Undistributed middle!!!!! Can you name 10 great artists,
writers, or inventors who huffed glue? No because the effects of glue
huffing are irremediably destructive. The cause and effect relationship
between drug abuse and creativity is unproven at best. Have you noticed
how much better Ken Kesey's writing got AFTER the acid tests? Have you
noticed the improvement in Hemingway and Fitzgerald's writing after they
became full blown lushes? Have you noticed how much better the Stones
have gotten ... the same with the Who. I'll give you that Paul
McCartney really should start smoking more pot. What were George
Bernard Shaw's drinking habits? Albert Einsteins? Isaac Newtons?
Gauss? Would you care to compare and contrast John Von Neumann's
drinking with Norbert Wiener's? Richard Feynman quit drinking ... why?