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Thu, 16 Oct 1997 19:34:03 +0000

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Prof. Tim wrote:

>This is counter-example of the predictive power of astrology. The
>question was one of personalities, better addressed by:

Well, Richard's first question asked simply "what possible harm" could
result from a belief in astrology, but yeah, I'm being picky ;->

>In both examples (yours and mine) the problem is one of your priorities.
>If astrology is more important to you than your feelings, than astrology
>is a detriment to you (although, again, the failing is in your priorities,
>not in astrology).
>The same is true if you put logic before your feelings as well.

Interesting point. Say I use astrology as a tool to chat up members of the
opposite sex, and have success using it. Can I then say that this success
is a result of my priorities, not of astrology? In other words, is a belief
set (astrology, logic, whatever) something that only becomes desirable or
harmful when we decide to use it in some way? I'm not sure it makes sense
to separate beliefs that distinctly from the agents that do the believing.

I'm curius as to why you think "feelings" are distinct from, and more
important than, a belief set.

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