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> Subject: Re: virus: Tad's rule #3a, b and c
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> >Tad's rule # 3c:
> >If your quotations are longer than your text there is a chance they
> >are not needed to understand what you say or that you do not
> >respect your fellow list members.
> Addendum-
> They will also be ignored....
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> Wade T. Smith

If someone takes the time to type out quotations, they obviously feel
that they are important. The quotes were not "downloaded" or "cut
and pasted from other articles--which would be an easy enterprise to
undertake. Several times people will say to me "go find it." Or
when I assert something: "that is your opinion of the book."
Therefore, I picked out a few choice quotations from the book. If my
thoughts and ideas and the labor it took to post it mean so little to
you, I am sorry I took the trouble and sorry I inconvenienced
you--you are not worth my efforts. Actually, I thought I was giving
you some of the meat of the authors' views.

When I asserted certain prophecies, I was first told they didn't
exist and second to prove it. I was then accused of never having
"cracked a concordance or never having read the Bible. So, I tried
to give the actual quotes. If I leave things out, it is wrong, if I include them it is wrong. I
thought the point was to try to get at the truth: not to pass little
thoughts back and forth like at a badmitten tournament.

I think there are patterns.
I think there aren't.
Isn't everything random.
No that has been disproved.
It is all in your mind.
No it is objective reality.
You are talking like a subjectivist.
No you are letting your memes kick in again.
You are level 3.
Quite accusing me of that. I've tried for so long to..

I am like Tad. Where are the theories? What are you learning? Is
it just a feel good exercise? Do you feel warm and fuzzy? Can you
say that from these conversations, "I have learned such and such. "
Maybe that "Dr." was right. If he had left off his vulgar remarks,
the rest of it might have held credence--maybe all of us are just a
bunch wanna-be graduate students! Cathy Hardin