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> Cathy wrote:
> >There were no doubt thousands of papers written on
> >this subject, all of them relying heavily on this man and his work.
> > Yet it took one good scientists 10 minutes to realize the papers
> >written by this man were false--50 years after the fact.
> Holy cow... Didn't you just say: "Science will be the better if you
> all stop treating it like a Holy Cow." ? I'm getting confused.

My point is if people did not treat science like a Holy Cow they
would take its assertions with a health skepticism. 50 years of
allow this work to go unchallenged because it was 'scientific.'
Fifty years of trusing in the peer-review process of validation by
replication. I never said Truth is not out there just that science
is as flawed as any institution. It is not a Holy Cow--stop treating
it like one. At least you read that part of my posting, anyway. CH
> [...]
> >I think I read
> >somewhere that the Pope has no problem with evolution because he
> >doesn't take the 7 days of creation literally. Well, that is a
> >logical and neat handling of the problem, and I do not fault the
> >Pope for that.
> Pope believes God used evolution as Her tool to create humans (and
> God is going to use the same evolution to have computers rule, but
> Pope does now about yet...). Evolution has been proven, Cathy.
> Have some trust in Sodom (except the getting high part).
I don't understand this part. CH

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