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> On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:
> > The point you are trying to make, Tim, I think is that everything
> > Jesus said was a parable.
> No, my point is much broader than that.
> If Jesus, God's son, taught in parables because it was the way to
> make people understand deeper mysteries, isn't it possible that his
> father does the same? Might the Bible be a book of parables (mixed
> with law and history) as well?
> -Prof. Tim
When you say parables, of course, I think we are talking about a
simple story which illustrates a bigger truth. For example, a man
owns a vineyard and sends a trusted servant to see about it. The
other servants beat him and kill him. Then, he sent his only son for
surely they would not harm his only son, but what happens? they kill
him. While this is a parable, I'm sure you can see the greater truth
that Christ was expressing--his own ministry. First, God sent the
prophets and the people killed them, next His son.
So in no wise do I see a parable as separate from the truth. Yes, there is history and law
in the Bible. I also believe that even that is divinely inspired if
we have eyes to see it.