Re: virus:Logic

Paul Prestopnik (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:38:17 -0400

> Christopher Columbus was a great guy. I would teach them music, math,
> language and history - plus a lot of creative style play. I would teach
> independence over social acceptability.
> What do the people here think about what children, forming their neural
> networks, should be educated with? What should be the areas of intense
> education efforts?

Mostly what they are interested in. I think it is much more important for
children to be taught to enjoy learning and how to learn particular
information. History, Math, Basic Science, & Government; along with some
sort of artistic class, and a sort of potpourri, of whatever they are
interested in. I had a class in Elementary school where at the beginning
of the semester we voted on what we wanted to learn, then we set about
finding ways to learn these things, either having parents, or proffesionals
come in, or doing independent research. It was definitly one of the most
interesting and enjoyable memories I have of Elementary School.
-paul prestopnik