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> > At 08:45 AM 10/16/97 CST+6CDT, chardin wrote:
> > >Well, guys I hate to break it to you but it is still the THEORY of
> > >evolution. You're putting too much faith in a few of your priests.
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> > What kind of connotations does "theory" have for you? Do you put it
> > in the same category with "hypothesis" and "educated guess"?
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> > -> David McFadzean
> David, let me put it this way. It is a fact that certain birds
> change colors to fit their environment. It is a fact that a body in
> motion tends to remain in motion unless an outside influence is
> exerted. It is a THEORY that mankind may have evolved from a
> different species and it is a THEORY that some 19 billion years ago
> there was a huge bang and the universe began to fly apart. While
> this theory does seem to explain why we have an
> expanding universe, I cannot claim that it is a fact that 19 billion
> years ago a big bang did happen. I can say that if the Big Bang is
> true, then such and such. That is permissible. But I cannot in all
> honesty assert it as a known fact. It is my understanding, BTW, that
> Stephen Hawking is very uncomfortable with the idea of the Big Bang
> because of its implications for a creator. Yet, he believes facts
> point to a Big Bang. That is what I read somewhere, but I will have
> to read his book to see if I get that
> meaning. As for me, I have no problem with the Big Bang theory,
> because it would not at all surprise me that when God said "let their
> be light" there was indeed a big bang! chardin

I dont understand how you can believe Jesus existed because some
writings mention him as does the bible, even though there is no physical
and observable evidence, but cannot accept that Mankind evolved from a
less evolved form. Observation has shown us, and I would say that it
falls into the realm of fact, that all complex systems evolve from less
complex systems. AND. There is such a preponderance of evidence to
support mankind just being an ape. Evolutionary evidence is all around
the world, wheras indications of JC's existence are limited to a few
hundred miles and a few years in scope. The concept that you must "see"
something to believe it's existence would eliminate almost all of our
supposed "facts". Do you say the Atom doesn't exist? How about photons,
or sound waves or dark matter. I have never seen the Northern Russian
frontier, but I will bet my life that it is usually pretty cold there.
As I said in a different post, the Bib Bang looks probable, and is a
theory. Evolution on the other hand, has made it to the level of fact.