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Sodom (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 22:20:56 -0400

Paul Prestopnik wrote:

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> > What do the people here think about what children, forming their neural
> > networks, should be educated with? What should be the areas of intense
> > education efforts?
> Mostly what they are interested in... ...I had a class in Elementary school where at the beginning
> of the semester we voted on what we wanted to learn, then we set about
> finding ways to learn these things, either having parents, or proffesionals
> come in, or doing independent research. It was definitly one of the most
> interesting and enjoyable memories I have of Elementary School.
> -paul prestopnik

Yea, thats not bad. My elementry school was public, but run like a
prison camp. We were well disiplined, but we could of used more
enjoyable learning experiences. I think i value History a lot, mostly
because understanding it has helped me to recognize patterns that
society can make. The problem is, most History is taught in such a
boring manner that it is no wonder kids don't like it.