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> > Also, a note: Admittedly over the last few decades, with the
> > exception of the Christian coalition and their ilk, Christianity has
> > made some improvements in tolerance and understanding. This makes me
> > a little less afraid for my life than I was a few years ago when i
> > was openly threatened. i also tend to avoid anti-christian sentiment
> > now as i grow older and my scope of view has widened.
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> I would be interested in hearing further about these threats if you
> can tell something general without putting yourself on the spot.
> Chardin

I fought a ban against Shakespere when I was in High School. I also
marched against the war in Iraq. Both of these instances frightened me,
to be jeered, had things thrown at me etc... I am "mostly" pacifistic in
that I don't like violence at all except for defense of myself or
another, or in the case of people like Timothy McVeigh and Jeffrey
I was also a music major at the University of Arizona and spent almost
all my time with hard core Christians. You might say that my views were
not accepted. Of course, most of my best friends are also Christian, so
I recognize that Christians are differrent everywhere.

I have also been threatened in boards unlike this one where I have