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Sodom (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 23:07:23 -0400

Marie Foster wrote:
> Paul Prestopnik wrote:
> >
> > > Don't you think materialism can be an addiction, and a bad one? Can
> > > you name ten great artists or writers or inventors that don't do or
> > > didn't at some point abuse drugs? (alclhol is a drug by the way)
> >
> > ok, I'll try this one. :)
> >
> > 1 Jim Morrison
> > 2 Sam Kinison
> > 3 Jerry Garcia
> > 4 James Belushi
> > 5 Syd Barrett
> > 6 Kurt Cobain
> > sorry cant think of anymore of the top of my head, just a joke anyway.
> >
> Connections connections.... It is my understanding (I make a conscious
> effort to qualify my statements here...) that statistics show that a
> greater percentage of artistic occupations have a much higher percentage
> of homosexuals than does the general population.
> I guess it is the reason that a good percentage of my friends are gay.
> And since we survived the 60's I would guess that a good percentage of
> us (my off list friends) also have used non legal substances.
> I remain glad that creativity exists and that anyone can be creative
> Marie


funny thing, yes it is true. Many of my musician friends are gay. And I
am also ofter suspected, partly because of my handle, and partly
because of my open attitude about sex. However, i am alas not gay (not
that there is anything wrong with that) You see, I have this incredible
boob fetish, and well, mens boobs aren't much good to me.

I too am glad anyone ca create - I do think that this a basic nature of
humanity - like religion, violence, affection.