Re: The story-telling ape (was virus: Logic)

Sodom (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 11:08:15 -0400

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> Brett,

> Here Sodom is destroying religion in order to make science sound more
> important even though he says that they are not remotely similar. So why do
> you compare them, if they are not similar?

Brett, You are beginning to really confuse me. I am not comparing
science to religion except in answer to the previous post. I am not
trying to destroy religion, I have no such desire. I am simply stating
thast we know who wrote what, historicaly and scientifically. We know
humans create to explain what they can't understand - even Chardin is
claiming that scientists do this. If scientists do this without trying,
don't you think religions people might do it too? And talk about no peer
review, who can review "divine" inspiration?

They are very different things with different goals.

Basically your second paragraph is also flawed:
>I think that a scientific understanding must begin with the idea that there
> is nothing known (about an object) and then it must *disprove* itself.

You are suggesting that a hypotheses is flawed in concept? What is wood?
do i have to start by saying Wood is not plastic, or concrete or the
moon? this is a near infinate progression (as the universe is finite).
By you reasoning, we cannot even have a periodic table of elements. I
suppose in your universe we can write with our fingers in the sand, all
the metaphysical things we want to believe, and call this the best we
can so.

we KNOW that the early religions all worshiped Earth Processes? the
rain, the wind, the snow the water etc... We know that when any people
started to understand why certain things happened, they ditched the gods
that surrounded the mystery of the process. To say that faith is like a
tree, HAH, more like a weed. This is easy enough to show as in - Why
have no two groups seperated by ocean, or non traversable space never
came up with the same religion. NOT ONCE. such a small percentage of the
world was in the middle east at the time judiasm began - seems the
Chinsese, or native americans, or Natitive Australians were created by
other gods huh? Those religions are even older that Judiasm, especially
Native Australians who have had a similar religion for well over 10,000
years. They still perform the same dances seen on cave wall carvings!
Religion is made up to eleviate fear, and believes becasue it is taught
as real. Science is NOT created by anyone. It could care less whether
the results are frightning or not. It has no preference for the results.
Some scientists do, but science places no value on any result.

The last paragraph can quickly be summed up in one sentence. You think
that - Religion does as well as science at describing human nature. I
would say that up until recently that was the case. Now of course it is
not. It's teachings about sex, freedom, reproduction, and the like are
causing much more trouble than good. The number one world problem right
now is population control. unfortunately, almost all religions preach -
make lots of kids. This very idea is stifling the entire planet. There
are so many laws regading saying "God" in this country that I cannot go
to court, spent money, get a government job, pledge allegience to my
country, without first acknowledging the Christian god. Brett, here is
one for you. Which profession has the highest incitence of sexual child

Science does not aim to destroy anything. This is up to people
themselves. If they find that knowledge reduces their faith, then good
for them, if not, then good for them too. I think that you must group
science with religion shows that you are unable to think at the level
needed. Fear is keeping you from seeing science as a descriptive entity
only, and as a descriptive entity, it can describe religion easily.