Re: virus: Logic and Purpose

Marie Foster (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 11:32:05 -0700

Reed wrote and David responded


> >>>---------------------------------------------------
> >>>What is the purpose of the Church of Virus?
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> >>The official purpose or the hidden agenda? :-)
> >>But seriously, I'll wait for others to answer first.
> Eric's answer "To fight Faith, and evangelize Rationality and Memetics."
> is partially right. That seemed to be the purpose when I was first
> infected (and I am the First Host). Maybe it just wants to survive
> and it will adopt whatever secondary purposes it needs to in order
> to grow.
> --

My only area of disagreement with the principles you outline on the web
page is the issue of faith. I know we are beating a few dead horses on
the list right now as I have been doing some reading in the archives,
but I am wondering if you can point me to a thread I might follow that
would help me understand your concern better?

Or perhaps if you could indulge me by reading the next sentences and
then could summarize (which I admire in your writing BTW), concur or

There are two major meanings for the word faith. The first is loyalty
or allegiance to person or duty. The second definition is about belief
in duty or loyalty to god (and this implies that no proof is needed).
The third is "something that is believed especially with strong
conviction; especially : a system of religious beliefs" from WWWebster.

My personal religious faith has to do with loyalty to the truth (even
though I haven't totally sorted out what that is...). The second
definition in WWWebster for religion is:

"a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes,
beliefs, and practices"

(Don't you hate it when they use a word to define itself?) But this is
the closest I can come to religion. Nor can I find any fault with that.

I understand you are a married man from comments on the list and it
appears you are pretty happy with your spouse. If you manage your goal
to destroy "faith" what happens to faithfulness?

Or again, am I totally off the mark?