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Sat, 18 Oct 1997 16:35:50 -0700

Sodom wrote:
> Marie Foster wrote:
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> > Sodom wrote:
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> > > > Marie
> >(Aside... do you think that the differences in
> > perception might be caused by isolation and led to divergant strategies
> > for evolutionary success?)
> Marie, I never thought of differences in perception as anything other
> than environment or teaching. It never occured to me that possibly it is
> isolation and evolution. It makes me wonder how long the seperation
> would have to last to become a feature of hardware. - a different
> species - This is actually kind of frightening. Had navigation not
> succeeded, what strange turns would native Americans have taken. If
> China were seperate from the Asian continent, how long til the
> differences are measurable.
> until the 1400s or so, Western Europe was far behind the rest of the
> world in almost all measurable ways. That's why they are called the
> "Dark Ages". At this time, the Asian way of thought was obviously
> superior in most ways, and most great discoveries came from that part of
> the world.
> Humm, got me thinkin, thanks.
> Sodom

If one reads Dawkins and accepts the premise that speciation happened
due to environmental changes caused by separation, then yes we would
have become two separate species. I do believe that racism for example
might be some kind of recognition thing... But I have reached the limit
of my ability to reason here as I lack any knowlege in this area. (Not
about racism, but about how cognition and reaction to differences might
play a part.)

Anyway, I have spent entirely too much time here today.

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