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Sat, 18 Oct 1997 16:37:39 -0700

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> At 10:41 AM 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >No, you are still mssing the point. Convertion from anything to anything
> >requires energy - Converting gasoline to kenetic force as in a car from
> >instance (matter to energy) is a good example. When breaking the
> >molecular bonds, only a tiny amount of this energy actually used, a few
> >% of the energy is converted to kenetic energy. the rest is lost. You
> >can never get 100% conversion. Information is still stored at the
> >quantum level. All information is. Converting it means losing come of
> >it.
> >
> >Infomation is energy and matter. It is - it requires quantum existence
> >to exist itself.
> >
> >As for:
> >> B: The argument by the anti-creationist web page (that more energy is
> >> always being added to this otherwise "closed" system) won't cut it...Where
> >> does the entropy escape to?
> >
> >I'm not sure I understand this question, or I am sure you don't
> >understand the implications of the 2nd law. Life on Earth is not a
> >closed system. I t receives energy from the sun, The Sun gets it's
> >energy from fusing Hydrogen into Helium. Beacuse of the huge amount of
> >hydrogen in the universe, and gravity, our particular clump of fusing
> >hydrogen formed with the local group of stars about 5.5 billion years
> >ago from what must then have been an older nebula, hydrogen cloud or the
> >like. We see this type of development everywhere we look into space.
> >
> >The extra entropy you speak of is lost by the Sun. Its conversion if far
> >from perfect, and it will eventually run out of "gas" when this happens,
> >this system on earth will freeze and it's slide will be much more
> >obvious.
> >
> >Also, humans are not very efficient also, most of our energy intake
> >leaves us. Through waste or heat. As you have noticed the human body
> >works very hard to stay at a functioning temperature, and humans have a
> >very narrow range of operating temperatures.
> >
> >Trust me Brett, as soon as this law sinks in, your life will become much
> >better. This tool is vital to problem solving.
> >
> >Sodom
> List,
> There are too many logical errors here for me to deal with easily. Sodom's
> mind goes from a closed system "quantum existence" to an open system "life
> on earth"--back and forth to maintain a certain belief ("Trust me Brett, as
> soon as this law sinks in, your life will become much better..."). He says
> in effect, "It takes energy to convert something (Where does the energy come
> from? The open system.), but information continues to exist (the closed
> system), though conversion leads to loss (the open system)". Let me
> restate, information changes forms but cannot cease to exist (the law of
> conservation of information).
> Brett
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