Re: virus: Buddhism

Marie L. Foster (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 14:51:02 -0700

At 04:32 AM 10/19/97 -0400, Erik wrote:
>Hi all
>Here is the current draft version of my <Buddhism> essay. Please
>comment freely.

I for one like it. What it says to me is that Buddhism no longer has
anything to do with what the real person who started the meme wanted to
convey but with the current proponents/adherents needs for it.

The new thought that I had was seeing your insight to how the
institutionalization of the core values came about and how human needs and
evolutionary imperatives fit into that.

I found your reasoning sound and you have given me a number of points to
ponder. I also found that it fits my understanding of how to develop an
idea. Your structure was clear and points led logically to other points
and supported the conclusion.

Other than a few grammar things, it should be well received.

Thanks for sharing.


Marie L. Foster