Re: virus: Tim regains his mount

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 19 Oct 97 21:42:25 -0400

> Look at your own posts (I have mine!),
>what is the percentage that offer new ideas or directions of thought, as
>opposed to those which counter another's ideas?
>I think the percentage is too low (for myself as much as any other).



Actually, in all the heat generated between us, I did as well. And
although it may be hopeless ego-posturing, I think I have made an attempt
in every one of my posts to further things down the road.


Who knows?


You are way off base in thinking I dissed Marie and her streaking idea. I
was, rather, acting as mentor to get her to develop the experiment and
define her terms and narrow her target. I was being 'Prof.' Wade.

You decided I was trying to steal her virginity or something....

Anyway- although I still have reservations about the worthiness of such a
study, perhaps with enough focus, it could work out.

But- would we have to actually get some people to streak? (Yes, I think
so. Otherwise, where is the control group?) This would require that we
know the motivational sermons to give. Do we? Or is that the point of the
exercise, to determine the motivation? Either way I still feel a need to
be suppled some consequentiality. (Yes, I do.)

Perhaps a single instance with a single streaker or small group of
streakers, interviewed at sufficient length, with a (quasi) control of
their acquaintances would provide some undilute and manageable set of
variables. I remain dubious.

In the same vein, would not a study of graffiti-artists be a bit more

In the same breath, is this memetics? Or is it sociology?

Why has no-one come forward with a real experiment the world would call
an experiment in memetics?

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