Re: virus: Tim regains his mount

Marie L. Foster (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 23:31:25 -0700

>Why has no-one come forward with a real experiment the world would call
>an experiment in memetics?
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> Wade T. Smith
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> | shouldn't do to a god."
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Thank you Wade, I appreciate the clarification. If you remember my
reluctance to reveal this idea, it was not just the nature of the fad that
made me cautious. There are some real weaknesses to this example. The
main problem being that the initial revelation of the behaviour was a
fluke. After that other people streaked in public and got press. And this
did change the meaning of the word. But who knows, perhaps there still are
"secret streakers"? How would one ever determine that?

No I was willing to broach the idea to get some ideas how to structure my
thinking about the problems involved with memetics as much as any other
reason. If it helps determine a worthy subject, all the better. If not,
well, it was a chance for me to return to a far ago time and place that I
remember with affection.


Marie L. Foster