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> Sodom wrote:
> > > either. I have practiced Buddhism for quite a few years and I
> > > personally consider it a very good religion. Not that my
> > > opinion matters either :0)
> > >
> > > Marie
> >
> > I said it was a philosophy, or more like a way of life. I got this
> > Idea from the book "Living Zen" by Robert Linssen. It was given to
> > me by a Buddhist friend. I love the book, you probably would too.
> >
> > Sodom
> I read it and like it very much. Buddhism is not a faith based
> religion. This is a problem between the way western man and eastern
> man conceptualizes it. (Aside... do you think that the differences
> in perception might be caused by isolation and led to divergant
> strategies for evolutionary success?)
> It may have something to do with the difference between the brains
> hard ware and soft ware (analogy). If a western man reads a
> Buddhist text written by an eastern man, the translation does not
> work because of the difference in perception. The idea that
> Buddhism is a philosophy or a way of life is one of degree.
> Christianity is a philosophy or a way of life to a Christian.

Christianity is not a philosophy it is a relationship--God reaching
down to man through his Son. In Christianity (in the traditional
sense) it will do you no good to "follow his teachings". It is
"Christ in you" or nothing at all. Chardin
> think one of the the book's purposes is trying to expand our ideas
> of what religion is.
> Marie