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> On Saturday, October 18, 1997 12:12 PM, Sodom
> [] wrote: > I would probably make a good >
> Christian because I do think many of the things Christ is supposed
> to > have said are good. Love, compassion, affection, forgiveness -
> all of > these are values I hold dear. But I like them because I see
> the benefits > they bring and the emotional response my mind rewards
> me with, not > because someone told me to. If it weren't for the
> divine part, if Jesus > were just a philosopher like Socrates, then
> I would probably convert.
> But Bill, what about all the people who aren't intelligent, wise, or
> disciplined enough to live life that way because they see the
> benefits they bring? Would you rather have them behaving like
> Level-1 animals, raping and pillaging, cowering in fear? Or would
> you rather have them, like Cathy, live by your same dear values
> because someone told them to?
> Richard
> Brodie
I hardly see how you can complain about the values I live by or how I
come by them. I picked up a copy of Getting Past Ok this weekend and I was trying to
figure out the hoopla. In the first place, most of the ideas have
been around since the beginning of pop-psychology. For example: you
don't have to do anything really--you have a choice. I remember
reading this in Dr. Wayne Dyer's book Your Erroneous Zones way back
in the 70s. In addition Life 101 and other such books present these
ideas far more creatively. I was very curious about your statement:
it is ok to lie to others, just don't lie to yourself. What type of
values is that to teach someone. If you do lie to yourself and
believe it, then you're practicing self-deception. If you don't
believe your own lies, then you're just being cunning. I may be
"told" to get my values somewhere, but I am intelligent enough not to
get them from you, Richard.