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> Chardin, I thought you knew Hitler was a Christin. i am not aware of
> the comments you mention, but I am aware of him praising Christ, and
> often likeneing himself to Christ. i am also aware of how the
> Catholic church helped the German army. I find it strange that as
> long as you like them, they are Christian, otherwise they aren't. I
> suppose Jesse helms isn't really a Christian either, or the sinners
> in the South in the 1800s who used slavery becasue the Bible sais
> it's ok. If you expect us to accept the mistakes of all who call
> themselvs scientists, then you had better claim all those who call
> themselves Christian. Heck, it is often argued that all these
> "christian" countries, knew about the holocaust that was happening,
> and let it happen.

No, I am not aware that Hitler considered himself a Christian. I am
aware that he dabbled in the occult--trying to contact dead spirits,
was in to lead reading (kind of like tea leaf reading) where one
melts hot lead and then interprets it when it cools off--really weird
stuff. I know that he very much believed in demons and tried to
communicate with them for advice.

I am also very much aware that while individual priests were risking
their lives to save Jews and other rejects of Hitler's society, the
Pope was making deals with the devil. Shall I every defend the Roman
Catholic Church? I don't think so. John, in his prophecies looked
ahead and was astonished that there was a church calling itself
Christian that was "drunk with the blood of the saints." Interesting
picture, don't you think? But this, too, is predicted in the
scriptures. Have you ever heard of the wheat and the tares? They
look exactly alike while they are growing but the tares are
posionous. Christ says in his parable that a neighbor sneaks into
the farmers vineyard and plants tares. 'Let them grow side by side"
says the farm, "at the time of harvest, I will separate the wheat and
put it in my barn and the tares I will bundle and burn." Thus,
Christ will separate the wheat and the tares but until then, we are
told that the tares will be among us.

> I am not interested in a scientist or group of scientists. I am only
> interested in results that work over and over again. If science is
> so messed up, then why does your telephne work, or tv, ort computer.
> Do you know the mechains and electronics that go into these things?
> God isn't powering them, the electron is.
> Most of your sentences seem to be based on old "prophecies" that you
> dont like so didn't come true. Of course the ones you like do come
> true. Objectivism is needed here.
I agree with you completely. In all of these instances something can
be shown to work or not to work. In this sense, you have
replication. In the more philosophical pursuits of science, i.e.
origins of the universe, etc., this is not so easy. In addition, I
have pointed out that the same problem lies in medical science where
there are many, many variables to account for. You can not
extrapolate and say, science worked in the advent of the telephone,
therefore I can rely on the fact that this medication is safe,
effective, etc. or that this gene, is in fact responsible for my
breast cancer. Not all scientists are scoundrels and you mistake me
if you think that is what I am implying. I am just saying before you
buy something hook, line and sinker, put a skeptical eye to it.
Because the hard sciences tend to function pretty well, do not think
that science is somehow above all other forms of reasoning, it isn't.

> Sodom