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> > The main problem I have with your kindergarten-style faith is that
> > keep claiming that you have "faith" and that you know what is true
> > and don't need to prove it.
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> > Then you spend 100+ lines trying to prove that to me.
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> > See?!?
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> > -Prof. Tim
> Cathy,
> Sometimes it does come down to just "faith" alone. It needs to be
> said that "Faith" is what holds you to Christianity. Not logic, not
> reason, but "Faith". If you had a logical reason, you wouldn't need
> faith. You would have the proof you need. None of us are going to
> hold "Faith" against you, I would love to know the feeling, but, I
> probably never will.
> Sodom

Sodom, I thought a logical thinker ought to want to consider ideas,
especially one as important to the development of western thought as
Christainity. Instead, I find you doubting that Jesus of Nazereth
ever even existed. I did some cursory research this weekend and
discovered that NO ONE in the scholarship even doubted the existence
of Jesus of Nazerth until the mid-1800s when a bunch of German
scholars started doubting everything. This spread to some academic
centers in Europe but did not find much following. In fact, one
Englishman delivered a speech in front of one of the Royal Academies about the non-existence of the founder
of Buddhism, but this too was quickly set aside. No serious biblical
scholar (even non-believers) doubt the existence of Jesus of
Nazereth. I quoted from the Talmud to you before which spoke of the
putting to death of Jesus of Nazereth because he practiced "magic."
Also, there are several Roman histories that make mention of him.
Even Voltaire who said he would destroy Christianity never doubted
the existence of Jesus.

Before you tell me that my belief in Christ is "faith" not "reason"
you might check into the reasons--his existence, the credibility of
eye witness reports, the credibility of the scriptures in fulfillment
of prophecy--the actual relationship that a person is able to have
with God. Once you looked seriously as these things instead of vain
imaginings--i.e., Jesus didn't exist, he was a myth a legend--as long
as you can dismiss Him without evidence you don't ever have to look
hard at the question: And who do you say I am? After you look at
the evidence, then make up your mind that is a different thing.