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> Cathy, here is the quote I told you I'd look up:
> Matthew 16:20 (KJV) "Then charged He his disciples that they should
> tell no man that He was Jesus the Christ."
> If he comes again I have a feeling he's gonna have some words with
> you disciples on that one! Not only have you countered what he
> charged you with doing, but you've set up lumbering monstrous
> institutions in order to do it!
> I think ol' JC realized the role the <evangelism> meme plays in
> creating mind viruses that quickly grow beyond their intended scope.
> He was no fool, after all.
> -Prof. Tim
Tim, I can't believe that you are taking a verse out of context to
prove a point that doesn't exist.
Several times, before Christ was ready to make his ministry known, he
charged people not to tell what they knew. For example, he healed
the blind man and the lepers and told them to tell no one. But they
couldn't help themselves and they told. This got the blind man into
trouble with the temple priests as well who asked him if he thought
Jesus was the Christ. "I know not if he is the Christ, he said, "but
I know I was blind and now I see.." etc .etc.

There for a while, he attempted to keep his ministry quiet, he did
not want others to know about it because he said "my hour is not yet

The reserrected Christ, however, told his followers to go into all
the world and preach the gospel--it was the last charge give to his
followers before he ascended into heaven.

Why do you want to tell just a part of the story and pick a verse out
of context? I cannot believe this is accidental or is your knowledge
of the scriptures really that sparse? If the latter, I certainly
don't mind going into detail, but if you are just baiting me with
what you KNOW to be innacurate about Jesus and his ministry, then I
fail to see the purpose. Chardin