Re: virus: Logic and Purpose

Sodom (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 17:57:31 -0400

Robin Faichney wrote: What I do think would help is a significant

> of the participants consciously trying to slow down --
> react more thoughtfully, less like a knee-jerk (or just
> a jerk), be more tolerant, etc. Including me. We
> need to counteract the effect on us of the speed of
> the medium, not enhance it.
> Robin

To me, this is like taking in info in serial form, one dot at a time.
Problem is, I work in parallel form much better. Too bad we can't all
meet and actually talk for a few hours. That would help a lot. I suppose
soon, vidio will be good enough over the net that we can. I'm just an
impatient young squirt.