Re: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)

Marie Foster (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 09:26:25 -0700

Sodom wrote:
> Paul Prestopnik wrote:

> > is like two red blood cells sitting around wondering if there is any
> > larger
> > form of life.
> >
> > I read that somewhere. (might have even been _Virus of the Mind_),
> > sorry I
> > can't remember the source or exact quote.
> >
> > -paul prestopnik
> Actually, I don't think this is a good analogy on the basis of, blood
> cells don't think. I have considered this problem, and am coming to the
> conclusion that this possible entity, communicates through the press,
> dictionaries ( as Marie trusts), and other yardsticks of culture and
> language. i am sure there is the Mob mentality of disorganized groups.
> But is the a U.S. of A. entity that acts more rationally than the mob
> entity?
> I know this is way out speculation - So I don't know if I even expect a
> serious answer.
> Sodom

I do not know if this helps your thinking but it prompted me to think as
follows. There is a US of A entity. All individuals are a part of this
entity. If they feel accepted... nourished... etc. by the entity they
tend to have positive feelings about it. If they feel manipulated,
controlled, abused by it they will have negative feelings about it.

It is kind of like Christianity to me Bill. Every one in our world has
that virus. Some have turned it into a flower they wear on their
lapels. On others it is a huge ugly tumor. The funny thing is that
both persons could proudly consider themselves Christian. Others simply
ignore it, and others work very hard at trying to rid themselves of it

I still cringe when I think of "The Ugly American"

Does that help?