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On Tuesday, October 21, 1997 5:36 AM, Charmin
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> [RB]
> I specifically did NOT complain about your values; if you remember,
> > I commended them as empowering. As for how you came by them, you
> > were told them by other people. Is that not correct? If not, I'm
> > happily corrected.
> I was told by other people? And you were not taught by other people
> as well? Did your mother never say: Richard, it is wrong to lie?
> If this is the type of "told by other people" then, yes, I suppose I
> have been "told values by other people." We teach our children table
> manners and other social skills, I think we very well ought to teach
> them some values as well.

I'm not sure what you're arguing with...I agree with everything you've said

> [re Life 101] What surprises me is that he had to self-publish.

He didn't "have to." For those who do it well, self-publishing is becoming
a better and better route. I do it myself, despite regular offers from
"real" publishers to buy the rights to Virus. I did sell the rights to
Getting Past OK to Warner Books, just to see what would happen. To date
they've sold half as many copies as my self-published edition! They did get
me translated into Norwegian, where I'm apparently a smash hit.

> Sounds like a couple of sinners in bad need of a savior. Too bad
> they don't believe in sin and can't see themselves for what they are.
> The Bible says that sometimes when people are like this God just
> leaves them to themselves own devices. See what happens?

Very true. I can't argue with a word of that.

> Anytime someone doesn't agree with you they have been brainwashed.

More like any time someone devotes most of their conversation to looking at
life through one particular belief system they have been brainwashed. But
hey, most brains could use a little washing, nu?

> can easily say the same thing about you--except that I really don't
> believe you have been. You just think you are too smart, too
> sophisticated and too educated to believe in God.

What on earth makes you think I don't believe in God? You obviously haven't
been reading my posts very long!

Humanism gives you
> a way out--make you're own rules, your own laws, your own values.

Bah! Humanism is a crock!

> All those people out there, if they were just a little bit better
> educated or shown the truth about Darwin's gospel, then they would
> realize the state they are in.

Darwinism isn't the truth, and if you've read my books you know I say that

You see? We both have our religious
> beliefs--it is just that we serve different Gods.

There's only one God -- I serve Him, but you serve religion.

> And one other thing, Richard. While I realize guilt plays no role in
> your life, you should also know that you will be held accountable by God,
> not only for your own spiritual life, but those of your family.

Cathy, why do you think I'm expending so much effort trying to save you?

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