Re: The story-telling ape (was virus: Logic)

Sodom (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 16:48:30 -0400

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> "Science" is a dead horse! Has anyone woke up to realize we have
> passed the
> age of science...the age of technology...the age of mechanics...the
> age of
> art...the age of philosophy...the age of industry...are now in the age
> of
> "spirituality" and moving toward the age of recreation (in that order,
> I
> think)? All of these "ways of knowing" (technology, deconstruction,
> art,
> imagination, control, standards, and creativity) surpass science and
> can
> take over--has taken over--the maintanence of life expectancy without
> the
> inherent failures of science (to provide for community and property
> needs).
> Science is to a 4 year old what ethics are to an adult...just another
> way to
> decide what is "right" and what is "wrong".
> Brett
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> rBERTS%n
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NOT - Maybe in Brett's universe, this is the way it is. the
spirituality of today is a joke. It's pop culture, like Chardin would
say. Ethica - HAH. what are ya, playin games here?