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FYI from Cathy...
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> > [RB]
> > I specifically did NOT complain about your values; if you
> > remember,
> > > I commended them as empowering. As for how you came by them, you
> > > were told them by other people. Is that not correct? If not, I'm
> > > happily corrected.
> >
> What on earth makes you think I don't believe in God? You obviously
> haven't been reading my posts very long!

Well, obviously I wasn't paying much attention if I missed that! I
was only on line for a couple of weeks on the list. Why
do you push Dawkins and his two books in yours? "You don't believe in
evolution? If you would read the Blind Watchmaker and what was the
other one?, you would." Wasn't that on the footnote of your page?
The crux of his argument seems to be if you believe in God there is
something wrong with you. Which God do you believe in? I know you
said the Bible was one of the books that influenced you most but
people say that all the time--they think it is lengend, etc.

> Bah! Humanism is a crock!
So, we are in agreement? I would drop my false teeth if I had false
> > All those people out there, if they were just a little bit better
> > educated or shown the truth about Darwin's gospel, then they would
> > realize the state they are in.
> Darwinism isn't the truth, and if you've read my books you know I
> say that repeatedly.
I haven't read any of your other books, so I guess I don't know what
you think. I couldn't get much of anything out of those exchanges
between you and Tad; they were such calculated moves--back and forth
and back and forth--it really meant nothing to me. It seemed
superficial, but maybe I was missing something. Darwinsim is a
crock--but Dawkins seems to build on it. You recommend him to your
readers--what am I to think?

> There's only one God -- I serve Him, but you serve religion.
I never said I was perfect. But I don't think that is true. How do
you serve God, Richard. I would very much like to know.

> Cathy, why do you think I'm expending so much effort trying to save
> you?
How can you "save" me Richard. I thought that was the perogative of
the Son of God? Which God is it you serve? I should like to know.
I may be brash, stubborn and many other things--but I've always let
you know where I stand. And when I am truly convinced that I am
wrong, I will be the first to say so--I hope. Cathy