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Sodom (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 09:59:46 -0400

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> At 11:23 PM 10/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >>I think that "suggestiveness" might be
> >>correlated to engineered memetic "suggestions" (that one could write
> a
> >>guided fantasy which has the characteristics deemed memetically
> sound and
> >>test this against a control fantasy...something like this).
> >
> >Ah- back to the <streaking> experiment... (For which we really do
> need to
> >get someone to < streak>.) (Wade)
> List,
> OK, so I'm pissed! Is that what Wade's after...piss someone off till
> they
> come up with something. I already said that the meme is a process.
> That it
> is a basic process that works at all levels. That all you need to do
> is
> find a "level" that someone else hasn't claimed (cellular,
> sub-genetic,
> neuron, whatever). Manipulate the area of a change in
> behavior. That's as basic as it gets. All memetics says anyway is
> that you
> can change a <thing> and change behavior, no?
> My last post said invent something and call it a meme...infect a host
> with
> the behavior "memetic" behavior. Not basic enough for Wade.
> Wade want's a "control" group that has no memes AND a control group
> that has
> memes so he can say that the one is obviously different from the other
> and
> blame it on the meme. First, Wade, define a meme in such a way as to
> show
> that it occurs on some levels and not others!
> So, if Wade has an idea that says there is a "no meme" group...fine.
> Produce it!
> Brett
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OK Brett, i can agree with you that a control experiment might be a
bit difficult. And that basically we just need a basic mem we can use to
infect people, and look at the results. Someone suggest doing this the
"Mason's" way. Which I can agree with as it gives you the ability to see
if the infection process worked before moving to the next level.