Re: virus: Jesus of Nazareth

Marie Foster (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 08:06:00 -0700

Eric Boyd wrote:
> "chardin" <> wrote:
> > Sodom, I thought a logical thinker ought to want to consider ideas,
> > especially one as important to the development of western thought as
> > Christainity. Instead, I find you doubting that Jesus of Nazereth
> > ever even existed. I did some cursory research this weekend and
> >
> Try this web page:
> Where Jesus Never Walked:
> I think the evidence is pretty conclusive that "Jesus of Nazereth" never
> existed... because Nazereth did not exist when Jesus was around! The

> I'd say you've let the mind virus lead you astray, Chardin.
> ERiC

Cathy has left the room. I take my life in my hands by leaping in here
but could you agree that the myth or the reality of the existence of a
human being named X having lived at some time in the past is not
particularly relevant? I think that Cathy believes that He was a real
person. You do not. I figure that any argument will not convince
either of you.

I do think that you agree that there was/is a Christ/meme.

If reason is to prevail in any discussion I think it is best to find a
point of agreement and go from there.

I don't mind a fight as long as it is a clean fight.