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Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:08:02 -0500


I'm in a group on Christian Magic. They are continually amazed when I use
New Testament parables and give them a metaphysical interpretation (Jesus
saying "Who do you say I am"...for instance: Do you think he was making a
philosophical statement on the level of Descartes "I think therefore I
am"?). I continue to believe that spiritual formulas become "magickal"
formulas become scientific formulas...but that in the translation from the
realm of the ideal to the realm of the idea to the physical realm much of
the significance of such equations are lost (The "law" of relativity looses
something when practiced by the atomic bomb--what is a perfect equation
isn't translated perfectly into a mechanical device).

One might say that science translates into spirituality, or that mechanics
translates into spiritual terms...that "progress" redefines the spiritual
and not visa versa. I say that the spiritual universe has a set of laws
every bit as fundamental as the law of gravity. I say that at the level of
spirit--like at the level of mind, and at the level of matter,
respectively--these laws operate and affect all other levels.

Understanding these laws is not as simple as math; for one thing, one needs
to be able to work on a level where one's usual senses are not as certain to
yield results. Also, I have found that spiritual formulas are often in
terms of dimensional equations...are rheubix-like and confounding to one's
normal way of looking at things. But, spiritual "science" is possible to
learn and certain relationships say different things about reality after one
learns to view them with this added knowledge--the same knowledge that
religions attempt to show their followers (I say "attempt" because these
formulas are not as simple as one might think).

So much for metaphysics. As to science, it is one system that (perhaps)
everything can be translated into. Still, I think that science is a
difficult way to grasp certain fundamental relationships--which spirituality
also addresses, and in a more *comprehensive* way...but not in a way which
is very easy to convey.


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