Re: Memetics Defined! (was Re: virus: Why not ramble)

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 18:59:17 -0500

Look Brett, I truly appreciate what you've done here, and the
level-headed way in which we have pursued it, but there are many who
would contend with your definition above on purely practical terms, and
others, like myself, who would ask 'In what way have you described
anything other than a set of representational mathematical formulae (or
the attempt to formulate some), to be applied in behavioural psychiatry?' (Wade)


I think the radical departure is in the idea that showing someone a pattern
will elicit specific behavior...that patterns "create" behaviors.* I also
think that the definition is broad but should a "pattern of patterns" be
discovered which is seen as basic to all memetic manipulations...then THIS
pattern (process, entity...) will also be covered by the definition. The
same was true for the discovery of disease causing bacteria--the behavior
was noted then the mechanism found...the same was true for Darwin and the
gene...the same for the discovery of Pluto based on astronomical
calculations, etc.

*MEMETICS says that looking at my "cooperative t-grid", for example,
( will cause a change in
behavior...neither psychiatry, nor anthropology, nor philosophy, nor
mathematics, etc. predicts this or gives an explanation for it which applies
all the way to the evolutionary level.


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