Re: virus: Goal of the church?

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 20:23:50 -0500

I feel I have made real progress in being clear about what I mean. Here
is a question for you. Do you feel we could push the gene - meme
metaphor too far? Perhaps at the heart of genetics is a binary system
maybe not. But we (humans) are working towards an understanding of this
from the complex. Perhaps if we can sort out the ways that memetics is
different from genetics, we can get a better handle on what it really
is. (Marie)


I have complex reasons for continuing to compare/contrast genes and memes.
I never had the intention of making a mature assessment concerning
evolution, memetics, religion, male-female rituals, cause, effect, Descarte,
Hegel, Pragmatism, phenomenology, set theory, translation, tautology,
teleology...of assessing the personalities of list members...of taking on
personal attacks, and defending personal beliefs. Nontheless, coming into
this arena with little knowledge and without bias, I have found that all of
these topics converge--for me--around the evolutionary debate (which is on
fire at some levels as Darwin is academia is questioned). I
am convinced that things are coming together for me around an important
field which promises results that are heretical in the same sense that
Darwin's views were heretical to the church. Too many things center around
this debate from me to politely withdraw and passively contend with

Will probably not read the chapter (though I used to love to read, I now
find it emotionally painful to allow my mind that kind of freedom).

No, I think that older people are more socially bound to wear appropriate
clothing than younger people.


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