virus: Picture of Faith mind virus!

Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 05:02:19 -0500


I have a picture of the faith mind-virus online at

The caption to this picture reads:

This memetic complex (see) forms a "virus" between the memetic symbols for
"medicine" and "object permanence". "Faith" is a virus in this respect
because, as illustrated, it does not have a memetic shell (illustrated by
the oval shapes and the traits which define them). Instead, faith is formed
as the masculine and feminine poles of one or the other meme proper reverse
polarity*--in this case, object permanence is reversed so that "government"
and "religion" have taken on an opposite masculine/feminine bent. As the
two memes bond masculine to feminine, an "internalization" occurs. "Love"
and "hate" are the external manifestations of this internalization...the
viral hooks which encourage infestation.

*by "meme proper" is meant one of the thirteen basic memes--freedom,
specialization, child (self), possession, object permanence, medicine,
social, language, art, imagination, control, standards, and recreation--in
this illus. medicine and object permanence are the memes proper, sloth and
patience are pseudo-memes which form the viral shell surrounding faith

New ideas proposed: (1) A memetic complex is formed through the bonding of
two memes as (2) there is a reversal of one or the other meme's masculine
and feminine polarities (for example, religion becomes paternal and
government becomes feminized...a "reversal" in that religion is
traditionally female and government male*). (3) A mind virus is
internalized which has no memetic shell. (4) This virus mimics the meme
structure using "pseudo-memes" and (5) This arrangement produces a
dichotomous but un-enclosed externalization of the virus which acts as
"hooks" to infect a host.

*I am proposing that studies into ancient religions and governments would
confirm that our current system is such a reversal from traditional
structures and that faith and it's accompanying emotional attachments are
the viral results in our society


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