virus: meme-meme

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 19:21:20 -0400


> Date: Thu, 23 Oct 97 18:30:32 -0400
> From: "Wade T.Smith"
> Subject: Re: virus: Convictions
> >I'm interested in the idea of starting from the assumption that there is
> >a Christian meme -- as I see it, the believer would then have to
> >convince me that that meme originated from Jesus -- a very difficult
> >task indeed!
> Starting from this seems most evident- ain't it all pretty simple
> altruism, after all is said and done?
> Giving it flesh and blood is the christ-thing. You got a friend in
> jesus....
Ahh yes... this is how the meme propagates... I see no reason to believe
that this "virial shell" has any relation to actual events... and lots
of good theories from memetics telling us that, in fact, this is
probably just the *most* *successful* mutation of a legend from deep in
the past. (the pagan origins of Christianity are well known)

> > Sadly, I've found that my emotions get caught
> >up in the fray too. We are our memes, after all.
> How does understanding that "we are our memes" influence the way we deal
> with emotions?
> - --David R.

Hmmm. I'm not even sure what this question means.

Do that understanding influence our control of emotions? How are memes
related to emotions? (do memes control emotions? Do emotions control
memes?) Even given that our memes influence out emotions, I'm not sure
that any higher order realization of "meme's control us" would influence
our emotions -- although it might influence our reaction to our own

The Question: does the meme-meme give us control over memes?

(an interesting recursive question!)

I say yes -- awareness is always the key to control.