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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 13:31:53 -0500

It appears that the list administrator is practicing his power of
censorship--and violating my right to confront witnesses against me and my
right of free speech. The below was returned to me (again, apparently) as
"not deliverable"; presumably, it is seen as inflamatory somehow--but there
was no explanation as to exactly how this post was in violation of our
(mine and the list's) contractual agreement to exchange services...the
list's obligation to provide a public forum in exchange for my time and the
written material I share for public entertainment. Nor, was there
due-process--a public notice that censorship would take place, equal
censorship for everyone in the forum, previous attempts to resolve any
conflicts in this area, etc. So, I must conclude that said "administration"
is very close to legal culpablilty. I also assume that this action is
indication that the freedom of expression which this list implies is
fraudulant and that it's policing of its members will most likely lead to
its eventual self-destruction should it choose to continue these practices.


At 12:00 AM 10/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Brett--If you read my post again, you might find I wasn't talking about the
>issue of "redistribution of wealth" as a main focus, since it was in the
>context of memetic evolution...(DH)
>I still see redistribution of wealth as having very little relevance to
>memetics even in the context within which it was brought up. And my
>personal assessment is that governmental reform is a particular issue of
>yours which will continue to be brought up if someone doesn't help you place
>it into perspective...I've heard similar issues brought up by other
>"fanatics" referred to as signs that one is "infected with a particular mind
>virus". I also like the definition of fanatic that says it refers to
>someone who won't change their mind and won't change the topic.
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