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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:06:16 -0500

I find the idea of Level-3 appealing. It promises a way to happiness and
I want to be happy just as much as the next guy. It claims to be a level
above and/or beyond Level-2 and I hate being left behind (has anyone ever
questioned whether the sheer act of giving a level a higher number than
another makes it better?). I was dismayed that my every attempt to get
onto Level-3 while retaining rationality was blocked by Richard, the L3
guru. Now he must validate my core needs, or say that only certain kinds
of beauty are admissible. Your move, Richard. :-) (David Mc)


Richard's level 3 and David's level 2 are related. That is to say that the
beauty spoken about by the level 3 guru is none other than a resolution
between competing level 2 needs in a way that is rewarding to the level 1,
unified, "self".

That is to say that level 1 is not better than the "higher" level 2, but L1
is goal directed and therefore available for growth through finding
"meaning" as those goals are met--is capable of development; while level 2
is capable of stability and rest. Level 3 has the stability of level 2 with
the self-enhancing qualities of the level 1 (though the issues which were
dichotomized in the level 2 mind should be resolvable into a unique creation
of "beauty"...not a given!).

That is to say that while "beauty" may not be self evident, it is not all
encompassing--it has certain characteristics: (1) It must not be
destructive to the level 1 self, lest it result in a permanent level 2
dichotomy. (2) It must resolve a level 2 dissonance*. One other?!?

There is an aspect of level 3 which I haven't quite grasped. That is, like
level 1, a level 3 is self confirming; but, if the goal of a level 1 is
growth and development; but, what is the goal of level 3 behavior (besides
the furthering of level 1 needs and the resolution of level 2 dissonance)?

*example, if on level 2 the unified self is embodied within two paradigms so
that individual needs conflict with social needs and two "selves" form a
balance between these needs, then the level 3 resolution would be
"beautiful" only if it combined satisfaction of self and satisfaction of
society in such a way as to meet the needs of level 1 growth and development


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