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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 16:10:08 -0500

The reason faith is a sin is because it makes beliefs unrationalizable.
If it is possible to rationalize a belief, faith is not necessary.
(Which is what Prof. Tim was trying to tell Cathy Hardin.) If I think
your faith-based belief is unreasonable, you have left me no ethical
recourse. (David Mc)


Seems David is saying that things which involve faith cannot be translated
into logic. I disagree.

First, I think if there is a common symbol through which things can be
translated, they will be--and to say that the world which faith describes is
a different world than the world which science describes is unreasonable.

Also, I've come a long way toward translating religious belief systems into
logical systems (which is not to say that the system is logical--like, Why
do we have religion? Because it is a logical way to opiate the masses, for
example-- but that the *ideas* of the system, if translated into logical
terms, produce results which are logical both in regards to religion and
non-religious systems--that "spirit" translates to "knowledge", for example,
and questions as to whether we can study religion/science without a
spiritual/knowledge base suggest that survival of the soul/discipline
demands that it is so).

Though, I will admit that some people who are consumed with religion can not
be reasoned with (the same with science...).


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