RE: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 28 Oct 97 23:51:09 -0500

>Given that everyone has slightly different brains, shouldn't we expect
>memes with the same semantics (i.e. different instances of the same meme)
>to have different syntax (i.e. physical patterns) in different brains?

Now, mind you, this is way out of my league, but there are (or at least
as far as I understand these things) areas of activation that are far
from unique, and _patterns_ of activity which are predictable, for
examined facets of perception and stimuli. This is a fledgling
exploratory field (the equipment is horrendously expensive) and requires
(so far) a stationary cranium. But....

I think there is some light at the end of this tunnel.

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