Re: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)

Marie Foster (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:21:28 -0800

Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >And I have to insist that matter is no more real than is
> >consciousness -- both are concepts that are useful for
> >some purposes, and useless for others. I'm certainly
> >not a materialist, and I don't like being taken for one.
> >Mind is at least as important as matter, even though
> >ultimately both are mere appearance, ripples on the
> >ocean of reality.
> Ah- then you've gone and done floated on down _that_ stream....

What stream? Are you trying to force objective reality into something
you can understand? That would be handy. But if it could be done do
you not think that it would have been by now? Memetics is a new
paradigm. It will not let you force it into the old one any more than
quantum reality can be forced into Newtonian reality. They are two
separate things. They contradict each other frequently yet we seem to
be able to accept them as both true. That is because we seem to be able
to compartmentalize things that we do not want to juxtapose. We are
puzzled by the new but it is so convenient to just chop up the universe
into a quantum one and a non quantum one...

It is just another process of division. The universe is now bigger than
it was before. It is also smaller. You are bigger. You are smaller.

You are the same and you are different than you were even a millisecond
ago. Objective reality does exist and it does not exist.

Did not Einstein say that the universe is even stranger than he thought
it might be?