RE: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)

David McFadzean (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 15:17:36 -0700

At 07:54 PM 10/30/97 -0000, Robin Faichney wrote:

>I think maybe it's over-optimistic to take a concensus among
>participants in a particular discussion to mean there's a
>concensus among list members in general. I for one very
>often don't bother to respond when I see something I disagree
>with -- I'd never have time for anything else!

Maybe so, but you have to admit there was consensus among
most who cared enough to say something.

>And don't forget, we always have to allow for the possibility of
>factors we're currently unaware of, that would allow apparent
>contradictions to co-exist.

No-one doubts that apparent contradictions are common.

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