Re[2]: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)

Thu, 30 Oct 97 16:14:33 -0600

Then how can you learn anything without questioning your own
beliefs or biases? When you stop doubting you no longer question
and when that happens you can't possibly improve or learn.
One who has a full opinion of themselves are incapable of
learning anything new because they are ful like
an overflowing cup. You must first empty the cup grasshopper
to fill it anew.

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Subject: RE: virus: The One or the Many? (was: META)
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Date: 10/30/97 3:41 PM

>I for one very
>often don't bother to respond when I see something I disagree
>with --


As the resident skeptic, I wonder at my personal predeliction to
willingly engage in discussions with those who hold contrary views-

I truly feel I need to see their viewpoint....

The life without doubt is not worth living....

Wade T. Smith