RE: virus: No doubt

Marie L. Foster (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:26:58 -0800

I think it was Wade that celebrated skepticism and doubt and I supported
that position. Brett thinks that doubt is the basis for a lot of bad
things that go on in our world.

(Note, I am at home today with a virus and I have only a partial list of
the messages here. So if I misquoted anyone then mea culpa and please
correct me.)

Hmmmm. Ok. I will play. There is no doubt.

I have been meaning to do this for some time and I was hoping to delay
until April 1st. However, it also seems appropriate for Halloween.

Several posts ago I said that I am Brett. That one seemed to slide by with
nary a ripple. I expected to get some flak. Perhaps the members of this
list were still deciding to put me into the position they espoused with
regard to Christ supposedly saying that he was god. The argument seeming
to be that either he was indeed god or he was crazy. (And anything else he
might have said can be dismissed because no one should listen to a crazy

Ok. In truth I really am Brett Lane Robertson. And this works out really
well. After all I as Brett said that we should eliminate doubt. Cool!
Now Brett does have to believe that I am he.

If not, who or what am I?

Happy Halloween


Brett Lane Robertson?

Marie L. Foster