virus: Doubt

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 22:19:48 -0500

Hi all;

Brett (I think) said:

> Pending a metaphysic of "doubt" (which would place it as a Platonic
form or
> a negation of reality), I could accept your definition...but think
> "doubt" must originate--spiritually--from opposition to truth and not
as a
> necessary component of it.

NO NO NO... "Where there is doubt, there is truth -- 'tis her shadow!"

Let me ask you this -- who would you trust to have a firmer grasp of the
truth -- a fanatic who *insists* s/he is ABSOLUTELY right (no doubt) or
a quite wo/man who says "I've got this little idea here... not sure it's

Me, I avoid people who are absolutely sure of themselves and their
truths -- they are most often the most deluded!