RE: virus: PSR

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 5 Nov 97 15:35:13 -0500

>You can say that,
>now they've branched off, nothing useful is left in it,
>but to do that convincingly you'd have to demonstrate
>rather a good knowledge of it.

And if I say, yes, it is futile, with no knowledge beyond this statement,
am I right? Is that reason enough? Am I wrong? Why do I need more 'good
knowledge of it' to be right?

There is just as much apologia for philosophy in it's current form as
there is for shamanism or magick. No-one cares to tackle the utility
issue, for obvious reasons.

I am happily recalling the conversation between MagickThighs and
Broomfondle before the appearance of DeepThought....

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