Re: virus: Real ethics

David McFadzean (
Sat, 08 Nov 1997 11:55:56 -0700

At 12:24 AM 11/7/97 -0500, Wade T.Smith wrote:

>If only any portion of the legal system entered the subset of reason,
>regardless of who's definition or understanding was used, there may be
>some foothold for argument here, but, alas, the legal system exists
>completely outside any of these constraints.

Isn't this a bit of an exaggeration?

>I would be hard-pressed to find any legal decision which could co-exist
>with ethical conclusions. There is a real problem of basic language here.

People are convicted for murdering and stealing. What is unreasonable
about that? I'm not saying that the law is perfect, far from it (which
is why I brought it up in the first place). But surely there is some
correlation between law and fairness.

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