RE: virus: Faith, Logic and Purpose

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:08:00 -0800

On Monday, November 3, 1997 4:53 PM, David McFadzean [] wrote:
> At 04:21 PM 11/3/97 -0800, Richard Brodie wrote:
> >On Monday, November 3, 1997 3:14 PM, David McFadzean [] wrote:
> >> To demonstrate my point I will now declare that I have faith
> >> that faith is a sin. Your move, Reed. :-)
> >
> >This is what we've been trying to tell you for the last two years!
> So my belief is OK so long as it is faith? Why were you and Reed trying
> to talk me out of it then?

Because having that kind of belief is not as powerful as not having that kind of belief.

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