RE: virus: Reasonable/unreasonable beliefs

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:15:27 -0800

On Friday, October 24, 1997 4:40 PM, Wade T.Smith [] wrote:
> While the whole level thing is a poor excuse (IMHO) for a balanced
> analysis of intellect, and structuring same is an insipid exercise in
> categorization (racism is more like it), there still seems to be a
> energetic system within the brain which can be analyzed analogically.
> Whereas I think there is a quantum leap aspect throughout all 'levels',
> much like the bouncing electron leaps from one state to another, I do not
> attempt to define these levels, although some degree of approach to
> reality seems to be involved, such that the more involved energy state of
> an engaged brain yields a truer working map of the situation it finds
> itself in.

Suppose I agree with all that. What then is my point in promulgating the "level" model?

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