Re: virus: Reasonable/unreasonable beliefs

William Roh (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 10:15:30 -0500

> Anyway, positions on a heirarchy don't make it with me. There's too much
> bullshit in politics. Knowledge is never bullshit. There's always more to
> know, not steps of knowing. Steps and levels smacks of leader and
> follower to me, and that, with me at least, is what don't work.
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> Wade T. Smith
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> | shouldn't do to a god."
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This is similar to my perspective. Knowledge is like a tree with
infinite branches and leaves. You start at the trunk and work your way
up. Generally people follow certain branches only, some follow certain
branches, but look around to see what the other branches look like. Many
of the brnaches touch other branches, but all are part of the same tree.

Of course, if I wanted to be an ass, which I do, I would make the
analogy that people with "faith' have decided to tunnel into the roots
instead. They can't see other roots, or branches, and wander in the dark
til they come to the end of the root, they call that "Heaven"

If I had to compile a list of "sins" acording to the Lord Sodom, Elitism
would be right up there with Faith, and the level concept does seem a
bit elitist and self-deceptive. let's see here

Thou shall not have FAITH
Thou shall not practice self-deception
Thou shall not be elitist
Thou shall not fear what thou doesn't understand
Thou shall not practice compacency
Thou shall not make remake reality in thine own image
Thou shall love thy neighbor, brother, sister, fellow human etc...
Thou shall not participate in "mob mentality"
Thou shall not over-reproduce
Thou shall not waste valuable resources

i am guilty of a few of these for sure, especially self deception - but
I try.