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Sodom (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 19:40:01 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> We seem to feel that any idea that suggests that we are all the same
> is
> a threat to autonomy. I see this as very wrong thinking but am having
> a
> good deal of trouble getting the idea across. (Marie)

I'm in a bad mood, so this might be rough, I apologize in advance.

It's crazy i say to think of this in this manner.

WE ARE ALL ALIKE in a jillion ways, but different in others. We all know
this. We are obviously not identical, in any way, but we are similar in
more ways than I can say. we all:

Share a language
Share a culture
have similar family bonds
Similar schooling
Similar religious views
Drink water
Take shits

Almost across the board we are alike. There is no threat to autonomy

Each person's DNA is different
experiences are different
neural connections are different
each aspect of our physical being is different

Almost across the board we are different. Because we are different, and
because we have free will, we cannot be automotons - they exist only in
books and philosophy, not reality.

We, as a church, cannot fall pray to the binary system of thought,

I try, as you have noticed, not to use absolutes. We all know that
absolutes are a faulty way of thinking. Marie, instead of saying "the
same" use the word "similar" and I'll bet most argument will fade.

Brett, in his own wierd way, I think said the same thing below.

> Brett Said:

> I lean in the direction of "we are all alike" but assume that at the
> level of "gods rememberences" we have something which distinguishes us
> from each other.

> After all is said and done, a lot more has been said than
> done.

Man I hope so, i've said some pretty rotten things!!!